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Name: Danny
Age: 21
Height: 180 Cm
Weight: 72 Kg


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Danny is an escort of Middle east origin who operates in Bangkok. Initially he may look like any other regular escorts in Bangkok, but if you take a closer look, you will realize that he is an escort who has the ability to pleasure both males as well as females. This special feature of his makes him really famous among all people. Danny is a really good looking bisexual male escort and hence naturally both men as well as women love him immensely. Danny is tall and lithe in build and knows various ways to pleasure you. Danny is 6 feet tall and has broad and athletic shoulders. He has a well-endowed male organ too and hence is able to satisfy all of his clients in Thailand.

Danny has tastes for both males as well as females. Hence you can enjoy this Bangkok male escort as a couple if you want to do a bit of experimentation. Danny has a really flexible body, and hence he can reach all the places in the body of a male as well as female and give you the pleasure, whether you are a man or a woman. Danny is a young person and hence you will find his body to be extremely smooth and you can enjoy him to the fullest extent.

Danny knows well, being a bisexual male escort, how to satisfy all sorts of clients. Hence whatever you demand is will be kept by Danny. When Danny is in bed with a man, he will either let the other man play with him or do it the other way. With women, Danny is as charming as ever and can make love in many possible ways. Hence as you can see, Danny plays the role of a bisexual escort to perfection.

A bisexual male escort is really high in demand in the present times. This is because people want to experience exotic kind of sex. Danny has the ability to provide you with the kind of sex that you have never experienced before. A Bangkok male escort such as Danny can hence be enjoyed by everyone irrespective of the gender.


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