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Name: Gun
Age: 23
Height: 171 Cm
Weight: 59 Kg


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Gun is essentially a Bangkok male escort who has acquired the abilities to entertain the male clients to the fullest extent. He can rightly be called a gay escort. He has all the qualities to become the perfect gay escort. You will see that Gun knows how to please men of different dispositions as well as manner. He is an expert when dealing with men. The men, who prefer men, usually have escorts who are good looking and have a nice lean and toned body. Gun has all these qualities, and hence he is a favorite among all men.

One look at Gun and you will know that he was simply made for the men clients. Gun’s body is of average type and quite lean. He is not too tall and not too short and hence gives enjoyment to all the different types of men.

Gun is simply a blessing for all those men who desire to sleep with men. This is because nobody has the knowledge to pleasure men better than Gun. Gun is of Thai origin. Hence if you have visited Bangkok, and want to have some local taste of gay escorts, then Gun should be on the top of your list.

Gun the Bangkok gay escort has a really pleasing way to deal with even the toughest of men. Time and again it has been said that Gun can be the perfect escort for men because he can adapt his style of charming men, according to the disposition of those men. For example if the men are really rough and tough then Gun plays the gentle part with them. This gives the men immense pleasure to hammer Gun. If the client is himself soft, then he plays the dominant role and pleasure the man.

A Bangkok gay escort like Gun is a real pleasure for all those men who lust for able-bodied males. Gun has the ability to deal with soft as well as tough men. Hence you will never be disappointed if you hire him. Hence you should waste no time to hire Gun if you are in Bangkok.


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