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Name: Ball
Age: 23
Height: 170 Cm
Weight: 58 Kg
Size: 32B-24-35


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Are you looking for a naughty ladyboy escort in Thailand? Do you want someone who can ignite passion inside you that even you did not know existed? If that is what you heart's desires are, then Ball is the escort that you want for yourself. After all, she is quite the 'baller' herself and knows exactly how to please her man. Pardon the awful puns though.

This little gem over here has a pretty solid background in acting. If you are smart enough, then you should know the implications of that in her escort career. As you can guess, she loves being in the role of other people which makes it all the more impressive when you deal in any sort of role playing activities with her in bed. She definitely excels at it.

Her specialty as a naughty ladyboy escort lies in the fact that she can see through the needs and desires of each man, no matter how different. She has this habit of looking straight through anyone and knowing exactly what to do with them. Add to that a dark and exotic looking skin alongside a voluptuous figure and you have the woman of your dreams.

As far as her services as a Bangkok naughty ladyboy escort are concerned, here are some of them. It is needless to say that she is definitely a worthy candidate for any client based on these merits alone.

  • If you are into bondage and BDSM activities, then Ball will definitely be able to satisfy all your needs. She does not shy away from the needs of her clients which is why you will find yourself having a great time with her.
  • Also, she is a great dominatrix and loves playing that role. If you are more of a submissive nature and are open to ideas, you will have a wonderful partner in this lady named Ball. Don't worry though, she loves being the submissive slave just as much.
  • If you have any other fetishes, then you can go on right ahead and express them to her. There are very few things she will refuse to do and most of them aren't related to sex. So make the most of your time with her.

You can probably see why Ball is such a well renowned naughty ladyboy escort in Thailand and why so many clients have rated her so highly. Get her booked as soon as possible.

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