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How to Be A Pro at Buying Sex Toys on the Internet!


Ms. Betty is a single working mother who is happy in her life. She pays her own bills and goes on dates as and when she pleases. However, her sex life is a little dull. While she is not looking for any committed relationship or one-night stands - spicing up the way she pleasures herself has been on her agenda lately.


On discussing the issue with her best friend Elena, she learned in-depth about sex toys. Earlier she had been apprehensive about using them but then, she thought of giving it a shot.  She found them at ease and absolutely handy. The toys changed her life for good!


Sex toys have always been notorious for their controversial image. While some individuals secretly use them, others prefer to be vocal of their pleasure. Whatever the case be, when it comes to buying those, things get a bit tricky.


For instance, it's relatively easier for some individuals to opt for the in-store purchase of these things. But, for some shy people, the mere thought of in-store purchase results in jitters of nervousness. As an escape, often they resort to an online purchase.


However, owing to the limited knowledge, they either end up buying wrong products or they fall prey to fake websites. Alternatively, there are credible online sex shops that you can find by clicking right here, but there are some factors that you need to consider before making the purchase. Such careful consideration will certainly help you find the right toy from the right shop.


Having said that, let’s have a look at these factors!


Do your research- If it’s your first time, then we would recommend to do a bit of research to know about sex toys and the brands offering them. Basic insights will help you eradicate all your misconceptions, if any. Consequently, this research will also prove to be useful in figuring out a credible seller.



Requirement Clarity- Online shops are bound to offer a variety of things. To avoid confusion, it is better to have clarity about your requirement. If you are unable to find one, then you can consider questions like are you looking for self-pleasure toys or mutual-pleasure ones? Penetrative or vibrator ones? With the help of these questions, you can narrow down your options.


Shop Reviews- User reviews will provide you insights on the variety and product quality offered by that specific brand. By browsing through the reviews, you can have a fair judgment of the seller’s credibility. Likewise, to be extra sure, you can also research through third party virtual sex shop rating websites. Consider sex toy bloggers for reviews and recommendations.


Product Variations- If you are open to some pleasure adventures, then this factor is essential for you. You can also visit to get some insights on kinky devices. Additionally, some shops also have a separate section that features the latest product varieties which you can have a look at.


Toy Structure- Its structure, its material, and texture play a great role in determining the intensity of pleasure sensations. Similarly, your comfort occupies an equal significance. Hence, before clicking the ‘buy now’ option, ensure that you carefully go through all the product features and specifications. This will prevent you from investing in the wrong products.



Device Cost- Device cost will be the final decision maker for your purchase. While there will be ample temptations for impulsive buying, try to refrain yourself from indulging in one. Think rationally and then shortlist the sex toy that you wish to buy. Consequently, beware of the scamper virtual shops that sell sub-standard products at cheaper rates.


Understanding your body - Different people tend to have different ways of pleasuring and therefore understanding the need and way of your body is important. Pay attention to what turns you on and only then go for the toy that suits your preference. Expand your knowledge to be sure of your buying decision. There are different products available in the market, each one has a different way of working.


Get a lube - Whether you are a newbie here or an expert, getting a lube for yourself is important. Usually, silicone lube is preferred by majority of customers. However, you are free to pick the lube of your choice. Don’t forget to test it before getting into the action.


Budget - You won’t want to spend a fortune on sex toys, of course. Therefore, fixing a budget for them is important. As you go ahead with your research, list down the prices and then figure out the maximum that you are willing to spend. This will help you get a quality toy without tearing your pocket.


Now that we have gone through buying tips, here are several precautionary measures to undertake.


  1. Take expert opinion: If you are new to this, it is crucial that you visit the doctor and take expert guidance before jumping into it. Discussing your body type and preference can help you open up to options. Read more on different types of sex toys and gain insights on the topic. 


  1. Quality: Market might be loaded with these toys, but you need to understand the quality. Remember, in the quest of saving a few bucks you cannot risk your body. It is okay to spend a little more on the ones with promising quality, especially when they have something to do with your health.


  1. Own research: You must do your own research. There are times when some toys might work for some and might not work for others. Rely on your own research. If the whole experience is going to be new for you, be a little patient, and rely on trial and testing methods.


We hope this helped you in clarifying the inhibitions and doubts surrounding the sex toy system. In the end, it is all about trying and testing out what works and what doesn’t. However, remember not to compromise on the quality and choosing the best possible toy!

Go experimental! Go wild!

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