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Name: John
Age: 24
Height: 174 Cm
Weight: 67 Kg


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The Bangkok Global Escorts agency is considered to be the most friendly male escort services that are being to people all over the world visiting this part of the world. The escorts that are meant for the women are very much acceptable for the demand of the lady customers. The escort for women is very sophisticated and is provided the most emphasis on the satisfaction of the clients. John is a popular Bangkok gigolo who has been known for the technique that he applies for making his profession more attractive and demanding for the client.

The escorts are the essential part of the society. John is a popular Asian escort for women in Bangkok who are also a member of such agency. He is a Asian gigolo and the purpose of him in the escort agency is to satisfy the women who are unsatisfied and requires satisfactions by spending the required amounts that are being demanded. Apart from satisfying the women there are also several purposes which are mentioned as below:

  • The Asian male escort like John had to look after every matter that he has paid for.
  • He should be efficient enough to fulfill the every need of the women until she is satisfied.
  • John is very successful in providing the satisfaction and that is why the demand for him among the women is very much.
  • Moreover the male escort can also be asked for spend some time by talking to the client and satisfy her and the escort has to do that.

Overall the escort has to perform at his best to get the best for the clients.

The only specialty that the client looks for the escort is to have better fitness and attractive physical appearance. The client should get satisfaction after looking at gigolo and yes John do bear such rough and tough physic.

The escort for women in Bangkok is available at all places but still the popular place for such agency is Bangkok and the Asian male escort like John would serve the best for women.


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